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Mobile-Friendly Web Design & Web Site Development In Howard County

A Mobile-Friendly Website Design & Website Development is one of the most important investments you can make for your business or brand.

When built correctly, your website can be one of the best and most influential marketing tools you can have. A website allows you to display your message online around the clock and it is always working for you.

If you are looking to improve your marketing, creating or updating your website should be your #1 investment. With Graphic Forms, we will use Responsive Web Design to give you a visually appealing and mobile-friendly website.

Our Howard County Website Design Team works to express your message, your branding, and your services in an effective, user-friendly way. Creative Web Design from trusted professionals helps give you an edge over your competitors.

Mobile Friendly and Responsive Web Design in Howard County, MD

Why Responsive Web Design in Maryland is Required to Stand Out

Mobile devices account for more than half of all web traffic. Because of this, it is very important to make sure your business or brand has a mobile-friendly website design.

To further explain, mobile-friendly website design means creating a website that can be used on all screen sizes and devices. This is VERY important because you want your customers to have the same user experience and familiarity with your website no matter which device they choose to use.

Our Howard County Web Design Team makes websites that work on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. So everyone from on-the-go users to business owners can look at your services and determine if you’re right for them.

Although we like to call these types of websites “mobile-friendly”, it is also known as Responsive Web Design, Adaptive Web Design, Mobile Friendly Website Design, and Elastic/Fluid/Flexible Web Design. Responsive Design in Maryland means more users on your website for a longer time and it gives you an edge over competitors who aren’t adapting their websites.

Please, give us a call if you have any questions about our mobile-friendly website designs in Maryland and we’ll give you a FREE audit of your site and let you know what devices your formatting should be updated for. Take your website to the next level and reach new audiences with better lead outcomes.

Get a Mobile Friendly, Creative Website Design

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While it used to be true that a non-mobile-friendly website could still show up high in rankings, this is no longer true. Responsive web design is critical for all companies to invest in, otherwise search engines and users won’t give any of their time to your business.

If you want people to take your online presence seriously, you must have a mobile-friendly website design in Maryland, DC, and surrounding areas. Since so many people are using their mobile devices to access the internet, you want to make sure that every user that comes to your site feels comfortable, can find information easily, and leave with a positive experience. Our web developers in Howard County help make that happen.

If you are unsure if your website is responsive or not, do this test: Go to your website using your mobile phone. If you are forced to pinch and zoom in on your screen, chances are it is not mobile-friendly. After doing this, ask yourself: was it enjoyable to have to pinch and zoom to access the site? My guess is no. This is how your users are going to feel as well, which can lead to missed sales.

Web Design FAQS

Our Maryland website design company takes your current website and revamps it to meet current demands. This includes a user-friendly layout, a mobile responsive design, clear call-to-actions, branded images and colors, distinctive service pages, and thorough content. We listen to your needs and your areas of improvement, and compare competitor sites to deliver the best design.

The 4 stages of web design are Layout – Content – Graphics – Launch. We work through every stage to deliver a thought-out layout, SEO-enhanced content, branded content, and a successful launch. We stay on with you to troubleshoot, improve, and tweak your site so it is always meeting customer demands.
The most profitable website design depends on your business! E-commerce sites are great for online retailers but don’t work for service-based industries. To make your website investment profitable, we focus on clear call to actions, a mobile-friendly design, SEO-enriched content, and competitive multimedia that draws in customers.

Maryland website design and overall web design services include revamping or recreating a new website. We will host, design, launch, and maintain your business website. This can range from an E-commerce site to a standard, informative site design.

Website designers range in cost. Our Maryland website design company can give a custom estimate on your new site design based on how large of a website you need, interactive elements, custom or new content, media integration, and more.

Website Development in Maryland

Custom Web Design That Highlights The Best Of Your Company

Our web developers in Maryland create partnerships with each and every client. What this means is we learn about you, your brand, your mission, and the top highlights of your company. 

Our web design services in Howard County then work to create a web page that is completely YOU. From branding colors to imagery used, we make sure your homepage online feels just like your storefront.

Grant customers access to easy sales, quick info, and captivating design that encourages them to click through to your lead forms. 

Howard County Website Design from Graphic Forms is all about improving user experience for better sales and overall company growth. Let’s make it happen, contact our web developers near you today.