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So you spend all this time, effort & money on a well-designed & mobile friendly website. Great! Now you are ready to bring more traffic to your website and show it off to your customers. How do you do that? Using Search Engine Optimization, or organic SEO!


No matter how nice your website is, it only matters if people are able to find it. That is where SEO (and Graphic Forms) comes in. Here at Graphic Forms, we want your website to show up at or near the top of Google searches for search criteria that is targeted towards your customers. Understandably, most of our customers don’t fully understand the organic SEO process and everything that is involved. That’s okay, we are happy to assist you!

Organic SEO

The Problem with Organic SEO

  1. Organic SEO is a long term process.  Results are not instant and updates can take months or even close to a year.  It’s truly a long and grinding process that is very misunderstood.
  2. Transparency. Too many companies are out there hiding what they really do. This process is not a mystery and I find it amazing how many companies are out there screwing over their customers on SEO.
  3. Rankings are almost impossible to report because of personalization in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).
  4. Customers are worried about ranking #1 for a particular phrase when they should be more concerned about business goals and finding out what their target customers are actually searching.
  5. Organic SEO is not cheap.
  6. Organic SEO is a term that shifty or unethical companies can use and price lower and do the minimum effort.
  7. If you find Organic SEO for $99/month, more than likely you are not getting SEO.
  8. Nothing is black and white in SEO.  Organic SEO is a matter of opinion and not a matter of fact.
  9. If you need Organic SEO results today you are out of luck. SEO is a long term process.  If you need results today, go the PPC route.
  10. Organic SEO is manual. There is no automation. It’s labor, man hours and hard work.

SEO Strategy

The Solution to Organic SEO

  1. Research
  2. Hard Work
  3. Persistence
  4. Team Effort


SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. The key is to work with experienced marketing companies that won’t cut corners. Here at Graphic Forms, we know what it takes to improve your SEO, and we will deliver on our promises.


Here at Graphic Forms, we aren’t concerned about being #1 for a random keyword. Instead, we actually do our research and find the keywords that are being searched most often, and incorporate them into our SEO strategy. A lot of people think of a keyword that they want to rank at the top of Google for. This strategy has a glaring problem: you might be the only person searching this. Instead, you want to know which keywords are being searched the most, so you can make sure your website appears for those keywords.

SEO Consultant

Bring more traffic to your website using Search Engine Optimization, or Organic SEO! Graphic Forms is one of the best SEO consultants in Woodbine. Please, do yourself a favor and call us, so we can do a business audit and figure out the best SEO strategy for your business. It is possible that PPC could be the best path in the short term, and we can provide more information on that as well. Every company is different, that’s why we take our time to learn each of our customers business goals so we can recommend a customized strategy.