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Custom Mobile App Development in Maryland

At Graphic Forms, we provide custom mobile app development that expands the reach and service of your business. Our team has the experience of creating and deploying native mobile apps for a variety of industries, including roofers, retailers, commercial businesses, and more.

With a new mobile app, introduce a new way for customers and employees to interact with your business. Based in Howard County, our application development services are provided to customers in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and more. There is no limit to our reach, just like there is no limit to yours.

How a Mobile App Helps Small Businesses in Maryland

The Specialities of Our Custom Mobile App Development in Maryland

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We build our mobile applications with the latest Xcode and Android Studio iterations. This helps us efficiently develop and manage the build process. Applications that require a server or database are hosted securely on Amazon’s AWS Cloud Infrastructure.

At Graphic Forms, we are proud to have a team of Howard County android app developers that have boosted the growth of local businesses throughout the DMV area. With years of experience and a focus on staying on top of current trends, we provide you with proven techniques and updated designs that capture people’s attention fast.

Get a custom platform, branded design, and thorough testing for a successful mobile app rollout. Custom app development in Maryland has never been easier. Contact us today to learn about our case studies, approach, and discover how a mobile app can help you grow your business.

Is Custom App Development Right for Your Business?

Helpful Questions to Ask Yourself from Our Mobile App Development Company in Maryland

#1 reason to invest in mobile app development - your customers are asking for it

Howard County Application Development Services are booming right now because customers are asking for apps from their favorite businesses. Whether you use the app internally or externally (employees vs customers), if people are asking, the investment will pay off quickly.

Does a mobile app complement your company, products, or services?

We are the first to say that not every company needs a mobile app, but before you assume you don’t need one, be sure. If customers enjoy engaging with your business (or need to) on a frequent basis, a mobile app is vital to stay in touch in a way that is effective and fast.

Mobile apps are also beneficial if you integrate local/map components, camera use, and more. These can also be a huge hit with expediating scheduling, sales, and other services.

Can your desktop function be scaled to a mobile function?

This is where our team of app developers in Maryland come in. We’ll help you highlight the key points of your website functions and how to scale that approach to a mobile app, making customer engagement easier and more frequent.

What value can your mobile app provide?

Howard County mobile application development for small businesses is focused on value -- for your and your customers. We want to make sure the mobile app is easy to use and provides real value. Before you make your investment, we’ll highlight the 3 key mobile features this app will bring to clients and how it will raise sales and brand reputation.

Stats Around Mobile App Development

Nearly half (42%) of all small businesses have a mobile app
Mobile app payment is a key feature that most small businesses invest in
53% of small businesses outsource their app development to a professional app company
There were over 218 billion downloads of mobile apps in 2020
The average time spent on a mobile device exceeds 4 hours in 1 day for users
92% of time spent on a mobile device is spent on apps

How We Begin with Mobile App Development in Maryland

Here are some of the key points we keep at the forefront of our design throughout the mobile app development process.

By following these key guidelines, we can keep rates competitive while still creating a key mobile app design that gets you, and your customers, excited.
1. The design stays simple and intuitive

Don’t get carried away with all the features you can find and multiple layers of color, images, and video. A simple app is the most user-friendly app, so we will take your vision and keep it on track to meet user expectations

2. User-friendly experience comes first

We don’t skip out on considering UX. Every element is considered with the user in mind, from navigation, color, typography, elements, features, and more.

We talk to you about what your customers are asking for or where their problem spots are to improve user experience with your app launch.

3. Audience feedback is important, and so is competitor comparison

Oftentimes, there is a disconnect between what business owners think their clients want and what clients actually want. We work with business owners and companies to source real audience feedback.

Through social media, newsletters, website surveys, or other means, we help ensure that your focus actually pinpoints what clients want and what will set you apart from competitors.

4. Branding is present throughout

As an experienced mobile app development company in Maryland, we know that branding is vital. From your website, social media, storefront, trucks, and apps, branding has to remain the same.

We ensure your logo, color scheme, font types, and more stay consistent so clients always feel a sense of familiarity.

5. Start light, grow steady

Launching a Minimum Value Product helps test client interaction, audience feedback, and more. This helps grow the app in a way that fulfills the needs of a client.

Spending too much time on a perfect, high-value item that doesn’t meet customer’s needs is lost time and money, so we ensure constant feedback throughout the process

Mobile App Development Services in Maryland

The Benefits of Native Apps

Native applications are developed specifically for use on a specific platform. This allows us to utilize enhancements and features of operating systems that elevate the user experience of your app.

Contact our mobile app development company experts today to learn more about the benefits of a custom, native mobile application for your business.